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Shrek Croc Charms

Shrek Croc Charms

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Decorate your Crocs with these shoe charms and stand out from the crowd. Easy to insert, all our shoe charms are a one-piece design, just pop them through the holes in your Crocs and away you go! To remove, always push from the inside, never pull from the top. Not a toy. Unsuitable for small children. Adult supervision required.

Product Features:

No matter what color croc shoes you have, they will go well together. Perfect size and fit around the edges. No matter how you look at them, they are a perfect match.

Whether it is at home, courtyard, party, shopping or beach and any other scene. They are all combinations that can make you the most eye-catching. For every teen and adult.

No child can say no to the cute Shrek eye charm. It has the power to keep you happy.

Product Benefits:
Personalize your Crocs experience with these awesome and colorful shoe charms. Perfect for teams, clubs, families and one-of-a-kinds of all kinds. Constructed of PLA material. Charms easily insert to Crocs sandals. Not a toy. Not intended for children under 3 years of age.

Product Specifications:
3D Printed from PLA plastic
Made in the USA
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